Unique, intimate Bar Mitzvah by Alternate Angles Photography

What a joy it was to photograph Ryan’s┬áback yard Bar Mitzvah in the beautiful town of Lincoln, Ma. What a lovely family and genuinely FUN event. A huge congratulations to Ryan!

5 Responses to “Unique, intimate Bar Mitzvah by Alternate Angles Photography”

  1. Nadia Sussman

    Love these!! Thank you Laura for doing such a great job!!

  2. Leslie Zises

    These are the most sensational photographs! You caught every wonderful moment, and especially the tender moments. It was a pleasure to be the Justice of the Peace and
    officiate the Bar Mitzvah and enjoy Ryan and his families happiness.

  3. admin

    Thank you, Leslie! Can you please send me an email to look@alternateangles.com so I can send you the requested image of you and Ryan?

  4. Aunt Sharon

    Amazing pictures!

  5. admin

    Thank you!!! Love what I do.

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