Alternate Angles returns to the barn at Gibbet Hill!

Sarah and Scott were one of those couples who looked at the work of a bazillion photographers and did their research on every vendor. It was, therefore, a special honor to be their chosen wedding photographer. I was excited to return again to the lovely Gibbet Hill, where Sarah and Scott spent lots of time selecting the details for their wedding day. As avid baseball enthusiasts, we went to Fenway Park for their engagement session, they had Wally the Green Monster appear during cocktails, and they duked out their admiration for the Sox and Mets by carefully selecting two distinctly different yamakas (just check them out: they rock!) They had an especially memorable ceremony, where Sarah’s brother brought many to tears when he played the guitar for the couple and their guests. Once the reception rolled around, these two knew how to dance and have a great time! Happy anniversary to two wonderful people, now dotting parents of gorgeous twin boys. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy once again viewing a few selected images from your wedding day, in the month of your anniversary. xoxo

Location: The Barn at Gibbet Hill

Flowers: Belle Feuille Floral Design

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  1. Robert

    love it!!

  2. Pro tip

    If you want one of the best experience photografers, just go to Alteneate Angles and hire a recognized professional to capture one of your must memorable events of your life… your wedding day!

  3. Welma

    OH.MY.GOODNESS. :O I love these!!! I can’t wait to see the rest! She look stunningly buautifel and I love how soft these pictures look. And she looks so happy! I’m totally in love with these! Amazing.

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Another Happy Client- Review for Alternate Angles Photography

Getting such a kind review from a recently wed couple made my day. I already adore what I do but when couples take the time to share their thoughts about their experiences  it makes it all the sweeter. Thank you, Kathy and Lori. Love right back at ya! :)

“Working with Laura was amazing! You spend so much time with the photographer on your wedding day and want them to capture the essence of who you are as a couple. You want someone you are comfortable with and trust. Laura surpassed our expectations in every aspect. She put us at ease, from the beginning, so we were able to relax and just be ourselves. Her enthusiasm for her art is endless and contagious. She went above and beyond to create amazing images for us. We could not be happier with her or the photographs of our wedding day. Our pictures are awesome!!! The only problem is trying to decide which ones to use in the album. Thanks, Laura.” -Kathy and Lori

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Creative corporate headshots- Alternate Angles Photography finds a unique style

First off, Stephanie Parker of Accounting Matters is, in my book, the best financial advisor in town. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Stephanie for all my accounting needs since the beginning of Alternate Angles, way back in 2000. What struck me immediately about Stephanie is that I recognized in her the same passion for helping businesses, big or small, that I have for photography. Stephanie sincerely cares about her peeps and it shows in everything she does. Especially unique is her ability to speak her lingo in a manner which translates to those of us who, ahem myself included, may not have the same special talent or chariisma for numbers, tax preparation, and financial planning. She breaks things down and delivers her message in a way in which anyone can comprehend and that is a special talent. If anyone out there is searching for individual or business accounting assistance please contact Stephanie and know that you will be in good hands.

You may be wondering, “How does this all tie into photography?” After having Stephanie help me all these years it was a special honor for me to finally be able to return the favor when she called me needing images for her new website. (Gorgeous design, I may say, done by the talented Sharon Elwell of Elwell Design. Give her a call too!) Stephanie knew exactly what she wanted, lined up the wonderful location of The South Yarmouth Cultural Center, and then let me do my thing. I knew I needed to create professional images of Stephanie yet, knowing her all these years, wanted the images to also portray her kind, friendly, approachable nature. In my opinion, the stiff, overly posed images that many people associate with the typical business “headshot” is exactly what the name states: almost sounds as much fun as lining up a group of people for the firing range. Business headshots can be SO much more than that and, in this day and age of online searches, where competition is fierce, your images need to be much more.

Here are the images which I provided for Stephanie, both of her and her associate, along with a few other corporate images I have created through the years. If you feel your own business portrait could use a bit of an update or if you feel you desire something a bit more unique, please consider giving me a call. :)

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  1. Dennie Eagleson

    Hey Laura – these are so dynamic and lively. It is so exciting to me to see where you have taken your photography business – and your willingness to take risks with lighting / focus / movement to get strong gesture and presence. Best to you!

  2. admin

    My sincere thanks to you, Dennie, on so many levels for your comments above. Your thoughts mean so much, as the instructor who started me off, sharing your love for the craft and pointing me in the right direction. I will forever be grateful for your passion and for openly sharing your enthusiasm and talents not only with me but with each and every one of your students. I was blessed to study under you and, today, strive to pass the same encouragement, enthusiasm, and teaching skills to my own students. My heartfelt thank you- on many levels. :) xoxo

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Backyard DYI Wedding: Kristen and Mike

This couple knew how to do DYI. I mean REALLY do it right. The details in the backyard of Kristen’s family home were everywhere and were all done by Kristen and her Mom- they blew me away! When I met Kristen and Mike for the first time a few days before their wedding, they had chalkboard signs throughout their home, written up with such attention to detail that I knew it was going to be a beautiful sight. Yet I underestimated how gorgeous it was going to be. They put so much thought into their day and the decor that it stands out in my mind as one of the most successful backyard weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Kristen and Mike had a very intimate and simple ceremony at Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett, Ma and images of the couple brought us to Ned’s Point Lighthouse, a private beach in Mattapoisett, and in the beautiful woods behind the reception location. It is so nice to take a breath and get outside the extravagance of the Newport wedding scene, where I am often working, to get back to the simplicity of life. What a personal thing it is to wed in the backyard of a family home and to pull together the whole thing as a family! As someone who got married myself at a private residence, I can attest to how much work it is to pull off but, boy, when you have a group like Kristen and Mike’s families at the helm, it is done with the elegance seen usually by professional planners. Kudos to you both and a huge congratulations on your marriage!

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  1. Evelyn Touhey

    Great photos of a great day…the photography captured how unique and special each venue was to the bride & groom…. even Mother Nature presented her best weather (the one thing we couldn’t control.)

  2. Ricardo

    If you want to have great pics, hire a professional, not you’re friends with iPhones or iPads.
    This form of photography is killing the art of photography created by professionals, which for hundreds of years has built an entire industry that is now threatened by iphone-ographers. Do yourself a favor and hire a pro!

  3. admin

    Thank you, Evelyn!So true and thanks to those looking from above we had wonderful weather for an amazing couple.

  4. admin

    Interesting insight, Ricardo, and quite true that we, as professionals, now see coverage of the day by guests like never before. As far as I’m concerned though it is another opportunity for me to photojournalistically cover the story of the day. All the cameras become another image for me to create. I enjoy the story and don’t see it as a challenge. I adore my job!!!

  5. Eve

    What’s DYI?

  6. admin

    Great question! DYI stands for “Do it Yourself” and is a super popular trend in the wedding world.

  7. Paula Touhey

    An image in our mind will fade with time but as a photo artist you have preserved for us these memories with your beautiful photography. Thank you for highlighting Kris & Mike’s wedding day on your blog and giving us all another opportunity to relive this special day.

  8. admin

    My pleasure, completely, Paula! So glad you are treasuring the images from this amazing day! Best to you all and your wonderful family. :)

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