“As a wedding photographer, pictures have always been my most prized possession. The number one question people asked before the wedding was who was going to be the photographer. It was an easy decision- YOU! We are SO happy that you were there to capture the heart and soul of this day. Having finally been the Mother  of the Bride after photographing weddings for 23 years, the importance of having the best photographer has taken on true meaning for me.

The wedding is a blur. Though my mind is fuzzy about the wedding, I remember very clearly the energy you brought and that you worked from the moment you stepped into the room and continued many hours without missing a beat. Not only are you a gifted photographer, I instantly loved you when I met you. I find it simply amazing the way you see things and capture them. Those stairs in City Hall have been photographed a lot and I have never seen it done the way you did it.

When I saw the wedding images tears flowed down my face. Alissa has been raving about the job that you did. She keeps telling us how you lay in the snow to get those magical images! We know you put every ounce of your masterful talent into capturing every possible moment of the day. I know how exhausting the job is and you put your heart and soul into doing such an amazing job. Alissa has ALWAYS respected you and is in awe of your work. You are a rare one, Laura. You are number one in our book!

Thank you comes from the bottom of my heart with great admiration for you. You create art for families to treasure for the rest of their lives. God bless you for the gift you give to so many in your talent and enthusiasm. I am so thankful.”

Many Dineen, Professional Wedding Photographer & Mother of the Bride

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“How can we even begin to explain how thrilled we are with our wedding photos? You captured the images and emotion of the day so beautifully we were absolutely blown away. We hired you because we wanted the best and you exceeded our expectations. Everyone in both of our families and wedding party remarked how fun you made the day, how quickly the pictures went by, and how much you threw yourself into the work. We all had such a good time with you, all while you were working so hard.

The images are nothing short of breathtaking and awe-inspiring. They are personal and intimate yet artistic and graceful. The color, angles, variety of lenses, and unique shots are truly beyond words. They are dramatic and elegant. We are so happy with our decision to use Alternate Angles and recommend you a thousand times over. You because part of our family that day and we loved working with you. You have created such a masterpiece. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Amy and David Simon, Bride & Groom

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“Your talent amazes us. The photographs practically sing they are so emotional! The aesthetic and composition coupled with the emotional content sets you apart from other photographers. Your interaction and wonderful personality and positivity shows in your work. You are so genuine and your wonderful smile will continue to make people smile back for years to come. Everyone should be so lucky to have Alternate Angles on their special day!”

Christy and Tom Wilson, Bride & Groom

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“It’s no mystery why you were recommended so highly. We very much appreciated you not dominating the proceedings. We’ve been to too many weddings where the photographer(s) were center stage. To take such wonderful shots and remain largely in the background is fantastic. We will surely do what we can to steer folks your way.”

Amy and Bryan Tung, Bride & Groom

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“James and I want to express our deepest “thank you” to you. You are so talented! We continue to be so impressed with your creativity and images which are simply breathtaking. You are the perfect mold between incredibly talented, professional, and so warm and kind. When people ask me how I went about looking for all my vendors I tell them I based it mostly on personality. There are not many photographers out there who are as talented, gracious, caring, and considerate as you. I feel so blessed to have worked with you and will highly recommend you to anyone I meet.”

Lindsay and James Fitton, Bride & Groom

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“Thank you so very much for giving John and me your everything. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had you photograph our wedding from beginning to end. You handled everything with ease and grace and it was such a pleasure to work with you. I am a girl who hates being on the “other” side of the lens and you made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I am already dreaming up a double-volume album! I couldn’t sleep the night of the wedding because I was so excited about all of the imagery captured. 

You are an inspiration, so talented, professional, and seeing your smiling face throughout the day will not be forgotten My Mom and I are now looking at the images for the first time over the phone in different locations. She is crying, I’m laughing and I LOVE them. THank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Alissa DiPollina, Bride & Professional Wedding Photographer

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“First of all, we are honestly all still in a tizzy over these pictures. They are running through my head all the time- even in my dreams. What a wonderful, exquisite job you did capturing the story of our wedding day! Our families have never looked so good! The moments you captured truly journal the warmth and personalities of our friends and family like nothing we have ever seen. Your ability to detect and capture the natural beauty that is Wequassett and the reason why we wanted to marry there, is remarkable. We have gotten so many compliments on the photographs already. You documented and captured the emotion and beauty of our wedding like we never thought possible and, because of that, we will be able to relive it every time we open our album. Thank you thank you thank you!

Nick and  Nicole Stafford, Bride & Groom

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“We know from the time we saw your work that Alternate Angles was the right choice. The quality of your work speaks for itself, but I never dared to dream of such beautiful pictures. You captured the spirit of our day and of us and I am so appreciative. You allowed me to be really comfortable in my skin and in front of the camera, both for the first time. Thank you!”

Cherly Budaj, Bride

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“I must admit that I went into a bit of a depression after our wedding- missing all of the pre-wedding planning & festivities, and of course the day itself. When we received our wedding pictures from you, all of the excitement came flooding back, and now we have this amazing album to allow us to re-live the best day of our lives! We had such a great time working with you! Having been a bridesmaid more times that I care to admit, taking wedding pictures can sometimes be long & tedious, but with you is was seamless and fun! Thank you thank you for the beautiful album! We just love it and hope you feel free to use us as a reference. We’d love to work with you again- Newport would be the perfect backdrop for family pictures one day. :)”

Jill and Dave Grazioli, Bride & Groom

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